Motonomad 3 Review - Bolivia & Chile on KTM 500EXC's

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Motonomad 3 Review - Bolivia & Chile on KTM 500EXC's

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I thought I'd start off the film reviews, by mentioning one of my absolute favourites.

Motonomad 3 is the 4th feature length instalment from Motology Films and the 3rd in this series. The others are great, but I think this one transcends them and is on a whole other level. These videos are available by paid download, though Motology are best known for their free, shorter videos on Youtube and you've likely seen at least one of them.

Essentially, it's 3 expert enduro riders living off EXC500's loaded up with Giant Loops and long range tanks, riding 7,000km through the Atacama Desert in Bolivia, Chile and Argentina.

What sets this apart from other films is the sheer magnificence of the cinematography, without their being a film crew. Being expert riders on lightweight bikes and self-filming, they get to locations and terrain that would be simply unachievable for the likes of the Long Way Round crew or a show like Top Gear etc.
And that's the key difference: We've seen plenty of large scale productions with great filming, but the inauthenticity of having a large film crew bleeds through and you know it's a different sort of journey. Then we've got guys that are self-filming their own trips, but the quality leaves a lot to be desired. This is a quality of cinematography that is yet to be touched by any other self-filmed production.

Being born in the early 90's, I'm very well conditioned to getting media content for free online and I'm naturally a bit cheap anyway, but I gladly buy every new film that these guys put out and it's money that is very well spent.

Bonus points for it being a purchase, rather than a rental as they so often are now. I like being able to go back and re-watch films like this.
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